The reports get build up successfully but not getting deployed in MSD axapta

Error description:

having an AOS server and a Database server. SQL reporting service have been configured and working fine. I've created a new Dynamics ax reporting project on AOS server.the reports get build up successfully bot not getting deployed.
An error may occurred :

  Error 32 Deployment failed unexpectedly with the message:
 The following components have not been installed or are not configured correctly: Reporting Extensions
 Please consult your administrator or the documentation.
 See the log file for further details. C:\Program Files\MSBuild\Microsoft\DynamicsTools\Microsoft.Dynamics.Fra​mework.Design.Reporting.Modeli​ng.targets 374 8

Then login to aos server. Open Internet explorer. browse the report server and manager url. If you can see the dynamics ax folder just try to get inside the folder and browse a single report manually. If you may able to browse then there is no issue exit. Just restart the IIS on reporting server. If you may not able to browse then add the particular port to firewall. or disable the firewall. In the mean time just check you may using NTLM authentication or kerberos authentication.