Handling different printing behavior of different printers in MSD axapta

If you report is printing perfectly on one printer but not printing same format in another printer then you can follow follwoing steps to tackle that issues. Lets laserjet printer is working perfectly for report but EPSON printer is not working properly then read comments below to resolve that issues.

1) define a custom paper size using Printer Server Properties for that follow step a and b as under

a) measure your paper size, and try to find approximate matching sized paper from


b) if you can find a paper size from above site which is near to your measured paper size, create a custom paper size in printer server properties on your printer
If you are unable to find a approximately matching paper size among available sizes, just measure your paper in cm or inches and create the custom paper size in printer server properties
2) go start from one corner left upper of report and adjust each object on the paper. here object mean any text box table etc etc.
3) keep in mind you need to adjust everything manually and take test prints multiple times
4) Most important point to be noted is that EPSON printers, when used with dynamics ax they behave totally opposite. here totally opposite means if you send the print in Landscape it will print in Portrait and vice verse. So here you need to confuse your printer. here how to confuse your printer. see the two sides of your page and select one side which is of more lenghth than other. so after selecting that length you need to adjust your report size(on visual studio level) as a square(length you selected in this step x length you selected in this step). so printer will not behave as sending portrait and getting landscape.