Question and answer on MSD Axapta 2009 development Tool

1. Which file contains the modification of the form CustTable when developing in the var-layer with an en-us user interface?
ANSWER - axVAR.aod. There is no language dependence in the application objects as the user interface texts are stored in the label file.

2. What action must be taken after copying the modifications to the test environment?
ANSWER - Start the AOS server and then an AX client in the test environment and make a compilation of the entire AOT followed by a synchronization of the database.

3. How can you determine every application element that is using the method VendTable.balanceMST()?
ANSWER - Ensure that the cross-reference has been updated. Find the VendTable.balanceMST() method in the AOT. Right-click, select Addins> Cross-reference > Used By.

4. How can you ensure that a select statement considers record level security?
ANSWER - Before the select statement set the recordLevelSecurity() property on the table variable to True.