Question and answer on Business Connector in Axapta 2009

1. Describe the purpose of the Business Connector.

ANSWER: The Business Connector enables external applications to interact with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Application Object Server instances.

2. Do you need to register the .NET connector into the Global Assembly Cache after it is installed?

ANSWER: No. It is registered automatically during installation.

3. What is the Business Connector Proxy User account used for?

ANSWER: It is used to enable the Business Connector to "act-onbehalf" of Microsoft Dynamics AX users who cannot be fully authenticated

4. How is debugging through the Business Connector enabled?

ANSWER: Enable debugging on the AOS configuration, Enable debugging on the Client configuration, Set Debug mode to When Breakpoint, Open an instance of the Microsoft Dynamics AX debugger.

5. What is the purpose of the Managed Classes in the .NET Business Connector?

ANSWER: They expose public methods that can be called to interact with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

6. Using a .NET language, in Visual Studio how would you create a newinstance of the SalesFormLetter Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 class?


//Visual Basic

Dim salesFormLetter As AxaptaObject

Dim axapta1 As Axapta

Dim className As String

axapta1.Logon("", "", "", "")

className = "salesFormLetter"

salesFormLetter = axapta1.CreateAxaptaObject(className)