buffer size issue while adding more fields in SalesTable in axapta

If you are having buffer size issue while adding more fields in SalesTable.

I thought to create a parallel table with SalesTable which could be used in future customization  and would associate this table on SalesTable form using SalesId relation on this new table with SalesTable. It works but only when You create new records in salesTable due to the relation defined between SalesTable and newly created table. However, it is not working with existing sales orders as there is not associated SalesId (from sales table) in newly created table.
If You will go with this approach You have to run a job to update all SalesId from SalesTable to newly created table for existing records.

These are other workaround rather than adding a new table or have ever come across with such requirement?
1) Insert Old Data from Orignal_SalesTable to New_SalesTable
2) Under Orignal_SalesTable, create(if not available)/see(if already) three methods, AosValidateInsert,AosValidateDelete,AOSValidateUpdate; These methods would do as under
 a) as a record will be created in Orignal_SalesTable,AosValidateInsert will insert the record in New_SalesTable
b) as a record will be deleted in Orignal_SalesTable,AosValidateDelete will delete a the in New_SalesTable
c) as a record will be uodated in Orignal_SalesTable,AOSValidateUpdate will update a record in New_SalesTable
Creating the new table is a overhead and leads redundancy. You can add those fields in SalesTable (Old) and can create a View and drop that on form if that logic you can add in view and if your form is read only. Else you can try some of unwanted fields on datasource by disabling them if that works.. I have faced this problem several time and i used these techniques.

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