define the item coverage minimum in days instead of quantity

Problem:Is there a way (configuration, add on or something else) to define the item coverage minimum in days instead of quantity? For example, if in the last 30 days I had 3000 Pcs in sales of an item, that means that my average sales is 100 Pcs per day. If I have now 400 Pcs on hand, that means I have 4 inventory days. Then if I could set the minimum inventory as, let say 6 days, that should mean for AX a shortage of 2 inventory days (200 Pcs that I need to purchase, therefore a planned order should be generated by master planning).


The core of your requirement is not the Item coverage, what you need is to auto-generate the sales forecast based on historical sales data. Then you can use the standard functionality of item coverage code Period and define the period as your forecast bucket. In that case you make the sure that the item requirement will collect whatever in the sales forecast.

I think it could work fine: The calculated forecast will need to be created in a day by day detail to establish the expected sales in every day 100(day1), 100(day2), 100(day3), 100(day4), 100(day5), 100(day6). Then I set coverage code Period as 6 days. Then I run master planning in day0. Then AX will find a total demand for 600 pcs and will compare with total on hand (400 pcs), and finally a planned order for 200 pcs in day1 will be generated. Ok, I like it, thanks. But I still need to know how to generate sales forecast in AX. I know the AX Add-on "Demand Forecasting" ¿Do you prefer any other?

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