How Axapta could reach your business goal

If anyone running his business and his business is running on different branches then you may require ERP package to maintain your company daily transactional data like finance,trading operations,material handling,BOM type items.

I think first you will think to buy Tally Package to maintain your finance data but due to some restriction you will go for some database type ERP package which can be easy to migrate with other package also.

I will suggest Axapta is very good tools of ERP . Its cost is not much high it will cost you 1.5 lac to 2 lacs Rs. per user but Enterprise portal license is very cheap.

If you able to do best customization in EP then its going to very cheap but you will be restricted in EP so you should buy at least 10 application user license.

You can get lot of reports, modules like Sales,Purchase,production,HRM etc. Its very much user friendly. You can easy move to all master form by using column value like go to main table on right click which is monopoly of Axapta.

There are lot of advanages in axapta and also there are some limitation also but Microsoft provide hotfixes to handle bugs and limitations.

I hope in future Axapta will be best product in market and it will reach your business goal.