Question and answer on BOM as finished in Axapta

1. At a minimum, what information must be specified to report a BOM as finished?
ANSWER - - Date for reporting-as-finished - Item number and any existing configuration - BOM number - Quantity to be reported as finished

2. Explain the purpose of the Max. report as finished form.
ANSWER - This form is used to inquire how much of a BOM can be completed based on the available on-hand inventory.

3. What is the difference between running the Report as finished periodic job process and the report as finished process from the Item form?
ANSWER - The periodic job is used to report multiple BOMs as finished. Only an individual item can be reported as finished from the Item form.
4. What is the purpose of reporting a BOM as finished?
ANSWER - To reduce on-hand quantity for component items and increase on-hand quantity for the parent item based on the BOM setup.

5. In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 the Report as finished form cannot be accessed from which of the following?
( ) Periodic folder
( ) BOM journal
(•) BOM line form
( ) Item form

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