Question and answers on report and other BOM Functionality in axapta

1. Other than the Reports folder, from where can the BOM calculation report be run?
ANSWER - The BOM calculation report can also be run from the Item price form, by clicking Print.

2. Does circularity have to be a part of the BOM check process? How is this kind of check set up?
ANSWER - No, circularity does not have to be part of the BOM check process. This check is automatically set up in the Inventory parameters form or when the Check circularity check box is selected in the Check BOM form.

3. What does the Append option in the Update lines field indicate in the Change BOM item form, and what is required when this option is selected?
ANSWER - The item is replaced on a specific date and the chang is tracked, and both date fields must be filled in when the Append option is selected.

4. Which of the following is not included in the BOM line sorting option?(Select all that apply.)
( ) Line type
( ) Position
(√) Item name
( ) Operation number

5. Which of the following reports is used to display a list of items and specifies their relationship to BOM items?
( ) BOM Calculation
(•) Where-used
( ) Lines
( ) Versions

6. Which of the following reports is used to display the BOM lines or versions that consist of BOM items?
( ) BOM calculation
( ) Where-used
(•) Lines
( ) Versions

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