Question and answers on Sales order with BOM in Axapta

1. Where are parameters set for how components are displayed in the Composed of - tree form?
ANSWER - On the Setup tab in the Composed of – tree form

2. Can new configurations be added to a configurable item during the sales order process? If configurations can be added, what are the rules?
ANSWER - Yes, a new configuration can be added during the sales order process, as long as the configuration rules do not prevent the configuration combination.

3. What four values can be transferred to a sales order line after the BOM calculation is run?
ANSWER - Price, Quantity, Sub-BOM, and Subroute

4. What is the purpose of exploding a BOM on a sales order?
ANSWER - –To display all BOM components on the sales order and the related documents, such as the packing slip or the invoice. –To verify when orders can be delivered to the client, based on the purchasing or production of components.

5. In the Sales order form, the configuration for a BOM item is specified on the?
( ) General tab
( ) Setup tab
(•) Dimension tab
( ) Price/Discount tab
6. The information about the BOM explosion can be used for which of the following? Mark all that apply.
(√) To prepare the invoice for a customer
( ) To see the difference between the cost price and the original price for a particular sales order
( ) To modify the BOM and its components
(√) So that the order processor can see whether the items first have to be purchased before delivery is possible

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