Insert item details using barcode in MSD axapta

If you want to Insert item details using barcode in axapta then this code can help you. Here TableItemTrans is item transaction table. This is not a exact code but this can help you to get hints to implement barcode in your customized module.

 ItemId ItemId;  
 InventTable InvTable;  
 InventItemBarcode InventItemBarcode;  
 TableItemTrans _TableItemTrans;  
 ItemId = this.text();  
 If (ItemID != "" && !InventTable ::exist(ItemId))  
 InvTable = InventTable::find(InventItemBarcode::findBarcode(this.text(), False, False).itemId);  
 if (InvTable.ItemId != '')  
 info(StrFmt("Itemid using Barcode : %1.",InvTable.ItemId));   
 _TableItemTrans.ItemId = InvTable.ItemId;