Code to get total Tax amount from sales order in MSD axapta

To gett total Tax amount of sales order in axapta you can try below code in job .

 SalesTotals salesTotals;  
 SalesTotals_Trans salesTotals1;  
 SalesTable salesTable;  
 SalesLine salesLine;  
 TaxAmountCur Amount,amt1;  
 Tax tax;  
 salesTable = SalesTable::find("S0000343_052");  
 salesLine = SalesLine::find(salesTable.SalesId);  
 salesTotals = SalesTotals::construct(salesTable);  
 tax = Tax::construct(NoYes::No);  
 Amount = salesTotals.totalTaxAmount();  
 info(Strfmt("The tax amount is %1",Amount ));