Interview question and answer for Data dictionary in MSD Axapta

Table - collection of rows and columns

EDT(Extended datatype) - Inheritance, code easy readability, lookups,- 2 RELAtions [Normal and RFF [where clause]

example : select * from custtable - is normal

select * from custtable where gender == female is RFF

How to add columns to the Lookups [Index, Titlefield1, 2 or autolookups]

Q) How to get lookups??

In 3 ways

- EDT, AutoLookup,Relations

Q) what is base enum???

Set of literals or constants which will never change

- example [week - s,s,m,t,....] enums are stored as integers and max - 250

can be accessed by using :: [scope resolution]


why do we use index ?- faster performance in select queries
Not to allow duplicates
FieldName Followed by Idx = AccountNoIdx
Field groups:
Autoreport - ctrl + p
almost all the fields should fall under a fieldgroup - on the forms - field groups will form as Group control

Relations on table :
How one table is related or linked to another
Normal - CustTable.accno == custTrans.accno
RFF - paid == custTrans.paid [secondary table on enums]
FF - custTable.gender == male [primary table on enums]

Methods on table:


forcible inserts/delete/updates

Macros:      macros are reusable components,  macros will reduce lines of code
no debugging
faster as they are already compiled
3 ways  - local macro, aot-,macro library
can we pass values to macro ? yes