Some important question and answers on forms in MSD axapta

Q)when you open the form - what methods/calling sequences?
Ans:init(), run(), executequery()

Q)When you close the form?
Ans:canclose()- boolean, close()
Ok command buton - closeok(), canclose(), close()

Q)when you create a new record?
Ans:Ctrl + n, create of ds, initvalue() of ds, initvalue() of table

Q)how do you do filteraions on the forms?
Ans: Executequery and use queryBuildRange

Q)Enabling and  disabling controls ? 
Ans:active method of data source

Q)How  do you link the datasources on the form??
Ans: join source and link type property

Q)How many link types are available on the datasource??
Ans:delayed, active, passive, inner join, exists join, non exists join, outer join
Splitters [sysformsplitter_x, y, z]

Q)How  to you pass values from one form to another form
-Ans: menuitemButton
- Args[formrun]

Q)what is args class??
Ans:Args is arguments class which will help to pass values from one form to another, object to object
args.parm() - str, args.record[table buffer]
Formrun class in combination with args will help to open  the  form using code
formrun.init(). run(), wait(). or detach().

Q)How do you implement progress  bars::
Ans:sysoperationprogress class - set total, inccount()

HourglassIndicators - startlenghtyoperation(), elo()