Blogging in MSD Axapta ERP

If you want to write blog on Ax then you should select you excellent area to get success. If you are functional then do not write topic of technical code you should be strict with your area so it can get more success on functional area.

Write topics as per version wise from lower version to highest. You will get more traffic on latest version because lot of companies implementing project in latest versions and they do not know much more about latest version so they will search more on latest version.

If you are writing something in old version then do not write large theory type posts it should be short and valuable.

In old version most people search for error and troubleshooting so your post should be type of answering for solution of error and troubleshooting.

If you are Indian and working for Indian project then there are lot of complex question for tax related,excise ,cst,tds,wct,server tax,vat,additional duty ,custom duty,reverse service charge calculation etc so if you will write posts on taxes then people will definitely read it.

Mostly all companies did inventory closing,financial closing but new people face lot of troubleshooting on this things so your post can give him new powers.

There are lot of troubleshooting in lower version of ax for other currency like USD,SAR etc so you can write troubleshooting for import and export type orders.
I hope my hints can guide you to write blog in axapta in right direction.