Print Report in PDF in EP Site in MSD axapta 2009,4.0

If you are trying to print and display report in Enterprise portal in axapta then you need to add some code in class EPSenddocument on new method.

 case tablenum(CustPackingSlipJour):   
               = SalesTable::find(record.(fieldnum(CustPackingSlipJour,SalesId))).Email;  
               if (record.(fieldnum(CustPackingSlipJour,InvoiceAccount)))  
               StrVarialble1   = record.(fieldnum(CustPackingSlipJour,InvoiceAccount));  
               StrVarialble1= record.(fieldnum(CustPackingSlipJour,OrderAccount));  
                documentTitle  = fileName("SalesPKSLP");  
                reportName   = reportstr(SalesPackingSlip);  
Here its example of sales packing slip report print . You need to add new case in switch statement.