Purchase Order Invoice posting common Error in Ax 2012

Some times we face Purchase invoice creation and posting common error like blank invoice line,invoice no etc and its happen due to closing invoice form without invoicing .

To resolve that issue you need to do below steps.

Go To.
Path -> account payable -> Vendor invoice -> Pending vendor invoice

Select the vendor invoice then you can fill the information and try to post but if there is  incomplete data in invoice form and not posted than it can be stored in invoice history.

Path of invoice history form is as below.

Path -> account payable -> inquiries ->Invoice history and matching details

Filter the purchase order and delete it than  you can open vendor invoice and post without any problem.

Ax 2012 purchase order posting classes tables

Following are the Ax 2012 purchase order posting class on different stages of postings.

1. Purchase order confirmation- Class name -purchpurchorderjouranlcreate 

2.Purchase order reciptlist-Class name -purchreciptlistjournalpost

3. Purchase order packing slip or GRN-Class name -purchpackingslipjournalpost

4. Purchase order invoice-Class name -purchinvoicejournalpost

Above are posting class will hit while posting your purchase order with confirmation,receipt list,packing,invoice .

If you are facing any issue then you can put debug on required methods on above classes as per posting.

1.Tables Hits to store final Purchase order confirmation
 Purchpurchaseorderjour,purchpurchase order trans

2.Tables Hits to store final Purchase order GRN
Vendpackingslipjour and Vendpackingsliptrans

3.Tables Hits to store final Purchase order Invoice
Vendinvoicejour and vendInvoiceTrans